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Enjoy this here mighty assortment of pure crap. Let it's accumulated wonders amused the incredibly bored.


   At this point in the year I've been very busy with trying to finish pieces for my portfolio, complete college/university applications, and purchasing my frilly needs for the high school novelty of prom. (I asked myself out and I really couldn't say no.) So, sadly, many of my projects will have to put on hold. I would love to be working on BREAKING/ENTERING and doing more with my OCs, but my stressful life keeps getting in the way. Rather than final pieces, I'll probably post some doodle pics. 
    While I haven't been doing much with BREAKING/ENTERING since last December, this could be a good time to just enjoy BLEACH and see what else happens. We haven't seen much of Mayuri in a while and I'm dying to see if Kubo is going to write out any possibly battles with him in the wonderfully funny glowing outfit. That thing was freakin' fabulous and gave me a strong fit of giggles. Plus, Kenpachi is back and oh man, zanpaku-tou name, oh man. So yeah, reading more of the newer stuff would help my fan comic a lot. Besides, I'm sorta broke and can't afford any ink and I managed to break my pen nibs like the fool that I am. (And they're pracitcally glued to the pen)
    As for my OCs, I love them to bits. They're, like, my children and probably the only things that'll be the closest t having children in my life. For those wondering, most of them are inspired by people I know in real life. Mic was created when I was 14, Litteu 13, my skeleton and ghost pirate when I was 16. I've plenty more, but the've been featured in most of my class I've grown most attached to them. While I tend to create their "base" personalities and appearance from my imagination and folk/cultural embellishments, they're mostly shaped by people I know. For instance, Mic is a smoker. I know a few people who smoke cigarettes, I grew up with people who smoke them. It's such a familiar thing in my life, I've kept it as apart of my character. Some characters are based on my friends and as a joke "our child." A character who acts as a parental/brother figure for Mic was based off of my bff. I told her that it's obviously what our kid would be if we could have a kid--the only thing they'd get would be my fashion sense. Some characters are based off of people who I've at some point developed lovey-dobey feelings for, some based off of people I dislike, and others on people that I interact with on a daily basis. Each character isn't wholly inspires/based off of people I know, but is a collection of favorable/prominent aspects of them. For any of those who know me in person on here, if you can somehow see yourself in any of my original characters, there's a pretty good chance you inspired me in some way. And geez, I don't mean to be creepy.

And that's basically it for me. I'll probably post more stuff after finals or during the summer. Maybe. Even I'm lazy at being me.
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Much of what I love, media-wise, ranges from silly cartoons, fandoms, and various educational programs.
I use crayola a lot.

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