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Kyoraku timeline doodles. by MAYUKUROCHAN
Kyoraku timeline doodles.
Doodles of this cutie. Kyoraku's facial hair from TBTP/when Nanao joined the 8th division weirds me out, so I drew that look because it's part of the set. Like, Kubo, in what way did you think that was attractive? He had this nice gradual thing going on and out of nowhere....that awkward look.

Anyways, hope everyone is enjoying the story as much as I am (despite all of the arguments over Shunnao being in the clear or if they're uncle and niece).

Shunsui Kyoraku belongs to tite Kubo.
LoveLy-LoveLy, NaNao-Chan by MAYUKUROCHAN
LoveLy-LoveLy, NaNao-Chan
Remember when things were simple and the plot was just to capture the ryoka? When Nanao would scatter flowers because Kyoraku wanted a dramatic entrance before fighting Chad? When she dropped the petal bowl on his head while pretending not to hear "Kawaii-Kawaii, Nanao-Chan. Lovely-Lovely, Nanao-Chan?" Good stuff. But even better: I'm smelling a tragedy or perhaps a romantic tragedy. What a Christmas gift.

I may fix this up later.

Done in Faber Castell pens and Crayola Super tips.
Nanao Ise and Shunsui Kyoraku belong to Tite Kubo.

Do not edit or alter. Do not repost without my permission.
LoveLy-LoveLy, NaNao-Chan wip by MAYUKUROCHAN
LoveLy-LoveLy, NaNao-Chan wip
Work in progress drawing of Nanao Ise and Shunsui Kyoraku.

--Guess who's glad that they're not related? Had to reread that chapter, remember all the Turn Back The Pendulum chapters, and go over all of these other tid-bits just to have a better idea of a timeline.--

Nanao and Shunsui belong to Tite Kubo.
Do not edit or alter. Do not repost without my permission.
the suicide theatre by MAYUKUROCHAN
the suicide theatre
Another doodle inspired by the recent chapters ("The Suicide Theare" chapters). Shunsui and Nanao have been added to my favorites now. I liked them, but they've become more special/interesting to me now.

Shunsui Kyoraku and O-Hana belong to tite Kubo.

Do not alter/edit. Do not repost without my permission. 
Honey Vanity by MAYUKUROCHAN
Honey Vanity
I swear, my style changed way too much with these doodles. I'm really excited, though. More backstories.
Btw, remember how many of us had a freak out a few years ago about Kyoraku knowing Nanao when she was a little girl and hoping that he only started developing feelings for her when she was older. If around maybe 150 is old enough for 1000+ years yeoufeelme. Now it's "please don't be hitting on your possible daughter/niece/cousin." Hopefully we'll learn a lot about the promise he made with her mother and their zanpakutous.

I'm not really a shipper, but they'd have a considerably "healthy" relationship compared to many still living characters/couples. I really hope that it's just a case of unrequited love and "you really look like you mother--who i had a thing for--and it's really f-ing me up--but you have a different personality and i think i have type." I'm down for the cheesy "soul mates" thing with their zanpakutous so long as it's not incest.

Nanao Ise, Shunsui Kyoraku, "O-hana," and Kyokotsu belong to Tite Kubo.

Title is from and inspired by Honey Vanity (Retromantics Club Mix)… Közi. 
    While I love making fan art and in particular angsty fan art of my favorite characters, I really feel the need to doodle or sketch the things I usually like. It's not that there's anything stopping me from creating original art, it's just that fan art allows me to express myself through my favorite characters and series. It's also a lot faster to create. 

    When I draw my favorite characters, it's a mixture of simply just liking something that appeals to me as well as expressing myself through fictional characters that I can relate to (In some way). 

    An issue with creating original art is that it can be a bit too personal--too emotional. Like how I express myself with fan art, I feel more transparent with original. It's not necessarily that I'm hiding who I am, it's just that I'm revealing more about myself. Besides, for some of you who know me in person/who I am, I'm the same person--you're just viewing a visual diary. However, I feel like telling a bit of it.

    Fan art and original art are some of the many ways that I [cope] with my "angst" and [other internal struggles]. To give a bit of a self analysis shortcut, I don't actually try to make it a goal to draw-out or allude to relevant issues, I mostly draw, doodle, sketch, paint, etc images based on my personal experiences and current emotions. It helps me feel more at peace with myself even if only in the moment.
    Perhaps my expressions are a result of youth--after all, aren't there other 20-something year-olds who cope in either similar or different forms with difficult emotions? Not to try to sound like a special-snowflake, if I could somehow transfer/receive the essence of the inner turmoils of my peers, the lack of communication and occasionally support makes me feel pretty isolated. After all, housing and producing so many morbid thoughts is incredibly unhealthy--that I recognize.
    [Regardless of my personal seventh ring of Hell, my artistic expression brings about a sense of euphoria. It's a regenerative state--a state of cleanliness. Until I need to shed myself of more emotional baggage, creating original art can be difficult as well beneficial.]

    Hopefully, when I have more free time, I can have the luxury of sitting down and creating more original art. 
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It's a hobby.

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