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Final Project: LA PIRATA
A marker drawing done for my MAS/Latino studies class for fall 2014. This was done for my final which needed to reflect one of our class topics as well as a topic of our choosing. For this (and glad that it was covered because of prior knowledge) was of the racial/class caste system in Mexico/New Spain, and of the Mexican Golden Age of Cinema.

Based on one of my original characters, she is a vigilante who fights against the systems' injustices and stigma. I was inspired by my love of the cinema posters and their romanticized imagery and placement of figures. The use of color, sizing, and positions has really stuck with me. Mestizaje on the other hand, no matter much time has progressed, was/is still one of the greatest contributors to many socio-political issues. 
Because most of the Mexican Golden Age movies usually are set during revolutionary/post-revolutionary times, I set the piece to be somewhere during the Golden Age of Piracy.
Btw, this was the best pic I could get of this. I was so shaky after presenting it, I went out to the nearest building and took a photo of it with the best lighting I could get. Her eyes are grey. 

Done on a white trifold with Sharpies, Crayola Markers, Spectrum Noir Markers, some Prisma Color color pencils, and Jelly Roll white gel pen.
With the help of my class partner Ana for helping with some of the coloring and ideas for the statues.
Aqui estoy by MAYUKUROCHAN
Aqui estoy
"Aquí estoy." Apparently dA doesn't like accented i's in titles.

I had made this for my AP drawing portfolio concentration in my senior year, but was unable to finish it in time. Mainly due to when I had started it and the fact that it's done in pastel on a large piece of paper (approx 3ft by almost 2ft).

It was hard to figure out exactly what I wanted to do, but I settled for using a mixture of mythologies and cultural aspects from primarily Texas and north Mexico that pertain to me to tell a story on a character trying to be happy while fighting off depressive/morbid thoughts.

Water soluble pastel and acrylic paint.
Tres-Leches Doodles by MAYUKUROCHAN
Tres-Leches Doodles
Late night/early morning doodles with lazy coloring and no attempt at fixing hands. Just saying: they either stay as friends or they all get married. Go big or go home.

I love this movie so much. Visually/stylistically it's so beautiful and silly.

Pencil doodles colored in muro.

The Book of Life/El libro de la vida belongs to Jorge Guitierrez. 
b o r i n g - d a y s by MAYUKUROCHAN
b o r i n g - d a y s
The most colorful in-class doodle yet. What my oc Perla might look like if they were alive and older.
Ballpoint pen and highlighters.
esmeralda wip by MAYUKUROCHAN
esmeralda wip
My favorite Disney queen and Djali. I wish there would be more designs on her (or at least ones that I like). Like the Jafar piece, she has different Disney design aspects. But, in her case, some of my favorite bits from the concept art. Plus I wanted to include why she's actually named Esmeralda--her necklace.
It's always so hard to just relax. I don't think that I've seriously relaxed since I was 13 or something. Anyways, I'm getting over some emotional humps and making more of an effort to communicate and not freak out around people. Surprisingly, I've been more inspired to draw more serious things. Unfortunately, due to the amount of classwork that I've got (or how much I get on a weird "level unlocked" sort of way), there's barely any time to do things like that. 

And since the holidays have passed, I've really neglected drawing gifts for some people that I haven't seen in months. 
Anyways...I still plan to draw more. So far I've just a spiral of crap drawings of my oc's and Squad 11 members because they're my babes. 
I've been more of an emotional mess/recluse than usual. 
I'll probably upload more stuff later this semester or when I'm not so loaded with work.


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